Wescana Industries


Leading the manufacturing industry in innovation

An innovator in component and custom machinery manufacturing, Wescana Industries provides fabrication and machining services to the structural wood component and oil and gas services industries.

We are a full-service manufacturing company, with services ranging from process analysis and efficiency optimization audits to complete design build applications.

An innovative approach to manufacturing

Our progressive approach to machinery design and manufacturing means our customers get a custom made product without the custom price tag.

Our customers benefit from our decades of experience and technology based knowledge with our consulting services; including analysis and optimization, corporate governance audits, Just-in Time logistics and Lean production.

Cutting edge technology in a world-class facility

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Wescana Industries offers the best in one-stop technological solutions. In our manufacturing facility, we offer off-the shelf, full-custom and semi-custom machinery, fabrication and machining.

At Wescana, no job is too big or too small

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